lunedì 9 luglio 2012


European Leaders have reached a deal to save euro and European union during the meeting of last week. They have reached an accord about the political and economic union, about European patent and about emergency measures for the banking union and to keep under control spreads. Virtuous Countries in difficulty may resort to European Stability Mechanism to sell their bonds.
European Central Bank will have a role in banking supervision, a road map can be prepared not later October. European citizens have waited news from the summit. The meeting of last week was the last call to save euro and Community. European union will exit from this crisis and continental integration will start again if the Leaders continue to tread the path traced in the summit. The process of integration, during these years, in few moments, stopped but it never did steps back. Also for this reason European Leaders are working so that no Country goes out of euro. There is, between the Countries of European Union, the peace for more 50 years. The European integration process started with “Schuman Declaration”. It’s the discourse that the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman said in Paris the 9 may 1950. He proposed to create a new form of organization of states in Europe, to create a Community. French Government wanted to overcome the old rivalry between France and Germany. One of the causes of this contrast was the production of coal and steel. The declaration led to creation of European Coal and Steel Community. It was forerunner of other communities, the most important was European Economic Community, organization that was the “First pillar” of European Union, the current continental community. The process of integration have led to the creation of European Parliament, the only elective assembly in the world where deputies of 27 different Countries work together, and euro, the only currency in the world shared by 17 different Countries. Finally, peace is another important result of integration. Only the older people, in the Countries that have founded European Community, lived in wartime. There are a lot of reasons to support European Union.

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